BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel palette review & swatches

Hi guys it’s been a while since my last post. I know I’m latte but I recently got my hands on this beauty, it’s not the new edition but still gorgeous. I follow Carli for 3 and a half years now, what that girl can do with makeup is everything. So when i saw that she released her pallet i had my eyes on it since then.

This is limited edition palette, they are not making it anymore, they made a new and better version to replace this one. Basically Carli made this palette with BH cosmetic and its great that they made high quality palette but not that expensive like others.

First of all let’s talk about packaging, actually there is nothing to talk about it, gorgeous, smooth, white and gold design with small mirror inside PERFECT.

This palette has 14 colors, 10 eyeshadows and 4 highlighters. The mix of matt and shimmery colors it’s perfect for every occasion from simple every day makeup to bomb Af date/party night.

Let’s get to the fun part swatches.

As you can see the pigmentation is perfect and i dip just once. The colors, the shyness, creamy, smoothness just everything is perfect.

At first row there is more like cooler tones. From 5 colors only one is shimmery the rose gold.

At another row there is 5 colors too but they are more warm tone, from champagne to chocolate. There are 4 shimmery and one matt.

And last row are 4 breathtaking highlighters. First of all the design on them completed the whole palette. Same as eyeshadows they are pigmented, shimmery and easy to blend. The colors are mixed with first and second row the cold and worm tones and i think i’m going to use some of them as eyeshadow to.

I recomend it, what do you guys think about it, lett me know.



Not that kind of girl


Hi guys i’m back again with new outfit. I did this outfit the same time as a last one that’s why it’s on the same place. So I bought this hat about a month ago and I’m in love it. I fell in love in this hat just because it has the quote on it.

So for this outfit I pare it with black jeans, black boots, white blouse and coat. I’m person who loves black and play it safe with colors but you can pare this hat with anything. I see it great with ripped jeans, black or gold  shoes, leather jacket and t-shirt (whatever color you want, if you want some colors in your outfit than yellow will look great or green what ever you like).





  • Mango jeans- HERE
  • Pitarosso boots
  • Zara blouse
  • Bershka coat (old collection)
  • Tommy Hilfiger bag

I hope you got some inspiration, thank you all.


Classy with a little bit of sassy

Hi my loves I prepare this outfit one month ago. I didn’t know how much i adore autumn until it’s here and it’s almost gone.

So for this outfit I was going with something cute, comfortable but classy on other hand, and I love it. High knee boots are the thing right know, they are so classy you can wear them with something simple and still look like you put some effort in your outfit.

This is my first high knee boots, I bought black ones because black is my favorite color and it goes with anything. I adore them and I want all colors and styles






  • H&M skirt- HERE
  • Zara shirt- HERE
  • Guess jacket (old one)
  • Michael Kors bag
  • Pitarosso boots




That’s all I hope you like it and I hope you find some inspiration.








White blouse and white t-shirts have been trending for quite some time now. They are great because you can wear it with everything. I especially wear them all the time because it’s easy to style them with anything. Because of that i decided to do 5 different outfits with one white blouse.

1. White blouse paired with ripped jeans is easiest outfit for all weekend. I pair it with white covers and large Tommy Hilfiger  bag, you can add leather jacket.


2.This is perfect summer outfit for evening. Simple shorts, white blouse, sneakers with flower print and small Michael Kors bag.


3. Pair a white blouse with skater skirt and add jewelry for an elegant night out. This outfit is great because if you wear sneakers you can wear it all day but if you wear some high heels you are ready for party.


4. I noticed that, that midi skirt are trendy now days. So I put an outfit with that. You can pair it with any shoes and bags. I pair it two different ways first with sneakers and small bag and second with high heels and bigger bag.


5.Black and white are always safest go to outfit. Simple black jeans pair it with some ballerinas, small bag and jeans jacket.


That’s all I hope you like it and I hope you find some inspiration.




Hi guys today i’m going to share with you some beauty tips and trick. Some of them i use for a long time and they are great for me, they helped me so much. Perhaps you already heard and try some of this but i hope you like it.

Vaseline is the best thing they invented, ever since i have it my life literally change.
You probably have somewhere in your house drawers that have irritating sound you know what i’m talking about. So what you need to do is took some Vaseline on your finger and put it on metal thing where drawers slide.
– I had a problem with my lashes there were so small i hated them, and one day my friend told me that she puts Vaseline on her lashes i looked her like are you crazy girl but i need to try it too. Ever since then and it past like a month i put every night Vaseline on my lashes and they are bigger. Unfortunately i don’t have before and after picture but it really works.
– If your lips are dry put Vaseline on it he is better than chopstick.
– Same thing with your hair if your hair is dry put some Vaseline on split ends, do that two-three times a week.
– If you have a lot of perfume and they just want stay at you put some Vaseline where you want to put a perfume and you are going to smell nice all day.

2. Toothbrush
– Yes toothbrush is best thing for tease your hair. I started using this recently and it’s better than any brush.
I use new toothbrush, so what I do I wear a bun all the time so to make perfect bun you   need to:
          step 1. Put your hair in ponytail

        step 2. Grab your toothbrush and tease your hair

        step 3. And when you are done spin your hair in a bun and there you have it

– You can do that for any hairstyle.

– Don’t you hate when you have straight your hair or curly her and than there are always that baby hair that are everywhere I hate that so much. To put them down you don’t need to put a lot of heir spray all you need to do is:
         step 1. You need toothbrush and hair spray

         step 2. Put some spray on toothbrush

         step 3. And brush your baby heir down with that it will stay down all day ofc

3. White your teeth
– My teeth were so terrible i didn’t know what to do with them. One day brother girlfriend told me that she used to wash her teeth with soda bikarbona two times a week, and in one month her teeth were so white. I tried that too and it really works.
        step 1. You need 1 tablespoon of soda and a water

        step 2. Mix that to to look like a paste

        step 3. wash your teeth with that for two minutes (it’s disgusting a little but it works)

        step 4. now wash your teeth with your ordinary past

4. Bobby pins
– You know how bobby pins have one flat and one wavy side and I don’t know about you but I was always putting wavy side up and flat down if you were doing the same thing we were doing it wrong. Fat side need to go up to hold your hair stronger, and if you have silky hair and that still doesn’t hold it wright use hair spray. Spray your bobby pin and then put it on.

5 .Split ends
– If you have split ends but you don’t wan’t to cut your hair its easy to cut them your self.
       step 1. Spin your hair

       step 2. Use scissors to cut the ends that are sticking around



6. Bold had
– I have some spots where i’m bold. I saw this product that you put on your had and it looks like you have a hair. When i put my heir in a bun i have some spots where I don’t have a hair and I hate that because it look awful. So i tried something.
        step 1. Use some eye shadows same color as your hair, mat of course

        step 2. Put it on place where you don’t have hair

        step 3. Use your brush to brush your hair and it will look like you have heir

I hope you like it. If you want leave comment with your tips and trick and tell me what you think.

xx Ivona

Sunny winter

Hi guys. Today I intended to post a rainy outfit because it was raining all week and i thought it might also work as a snowy one. But, the sun came out today! It´s a beautiful day so I decided  to play a bit with clothes and go out to shoot an outfit that is cute and simple so everyone could easily copy it. The temperature is 12°C so you feel warm and comfy in this.




  • The best way to look nice and warm is to put more layers. This time i decided to go with a leather jacket and a coat. This is great, if it is hot you just take off the coat and still look great. This outfit would still be cool if you wore black pants. You can wear sneakers on any outfit, they look nice, don´t be afraid to combine them with something elegant like leather leggings or something similar. 

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  1. sneakers  Adidas
  2. jeans– Bershka
  3. t-shirt– Ann Christine
  4. leather jacket– Bershka
  5. coat– Bershka
  6. watch– Michael Kors
  7. bag– Mango


I hope you like my choice. Feel free to leave comments and tell me what you think.

xx Ivona