Sunny winter

Hi guys. Today I intended to post a rainy outfit because it was raining all week and i thought it might also work as a snowy one. But, the sun came out today! It´s a beautiful day so I decided  to play a bit with clothes and go out to shoot an outfit that is cute and simple so everyone could easily copy it. The temperature is 12°C so you feel warm and comfy in this.




  • The best way to look nice and warm is to put more layers. This time i decided to go with a leather jacket and a coat. This is great, if it is hot you just take off the coat and still look great. This outfit would still be cool if you wore black pants. You can wear sneakers on any outfit, they look nice, don´t be afraid to combine them with something elegant like leather leggings or something similar. 

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  1. sneakers  Adidas
  2. jeans– Bershka
  3. t-shirt– Ann Christine
  4. leather jacket– Bershka
  5. coat– Bershka
  6. watch– Michael Kors
  7. bag– Mango


I hope you like my choice. Feel free to leave comments and tell me what you think.

xx Ivona


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